Lake Brunner Eco Lodge, West Coast

Lake Brunner Eco Lodge West Coast
Lake Brunner Eco Lodge
Lake Brunner Eco Lodge

Discover Lake Brunner Eco Lodge and explore the wonders of the West Coast

Nestled along the tranquil southern shore of Lake Brunner, enveloped by ancient protected podocarp rainforest, Lake Brunner Eco Lodge embodies the essence of a secluded wilderness sanctuary. Here, amidst a backdrop of native birdsong, lush vegetation, enchanting glow worms, cascading waterfalls, and celestial vistas, lies a haven for nature enthusiasts and stargazers alike.

Steeped in history, this quaint lodge, erected in 1935 by its visionary proprietors, Mr. and Mrs. Morgan, exudes warmth and charm. The Morgans’ pioneering spirit is immortalized in the ingenious hydro-power system they established utilizing the nearby Carew Falls—a sustainable legacy that endures to this day.

Inside, the lodge boasts timeless elegance with its graceful rimu paneling and majestic fireplaces, reminiscent of the region’s rich milling heritage and rugged West Coast climate. Expansive windows invite the breathtaking beauty of the surrounding forest and lake indoors, ensuring an immersive experience regardless of weather conditions.

Experience tranquility in our Lake View Superior Rooms, Large light filled rooms strategically positioned along the lodge’s front to offer breathtaking vistas of Lake Brunner. Through expansive bay windows, guests can immerse themselves in the panoramic beauty of the lake and its environs. Each room boasts a classic ensuite bathroom. Drift into relaxation on our superior king-size beds, where dreams are crafted in comfortable beds and quality linen.

For those seeking serenity amidst the lush embrace of nature, our Forest View Superior Rooms beckon. Nestled within the lodge’s wings, these rooms feature private deck areas for unwinding and soaking in the tranquil ambiance. French doors open onto captivating forest & waterview views, seamlessly blending indoor comfort with outdoor allure. Each room enjoys a classic ensuite bathroom, and are quiet and spacious, ensuring a restful stay at our lodge.

Enjoy the full service supplied by our restuarant and Bar, and inviting lounge areas, guests can partake in leisurely pursuits like billiards and darts in the charming library ambiance.

For the ultimate relaxation, a private hot tub awaits amidst the verdant embrace of the forest, mere steps from your suite.

Beyond the lodge’s confines, a myriad of adventures awaits, beckoning guests to explore the rugged landscapes of the West Coast. Whether angling for prized brown trout in Lake Brunner or the surrounding rivers, or embarking on exhilarating hikes along Mount French or Te Kinga tracks, the Lake Brunner Eco Lodge experience transcends the boundaries of its idyllic setting.


Louise recounts her enchanting three-night stay at Lake Brunner Eco Lodge, where she immersed herself in the pristine wilderness and nearby attractions of the West Coast. Despite being just a short drive from Hokitika and Greymouth, Lake Brunner exudes a sense of remoteness and untamed beauty, offering an ideal base for exploration thanks to its central location.

She praises Brenda’s genuine passion for the region, evident in her exceptional hosting skills. Louise reveled in the nearby walks amidst the breathtaking wetlands and were mesmerized by the star-studded night skies.

The hospitality at the lodge is described as warm and welcoming, with hearty and delicious meals prepared by Tammy Lynch, ensuring guests’ culinary satisfaction. Louise notes family’s unwavering dedication to providing a relaxed and authentic experience for visitors.

Constructed in 1935 as a custom lodge, the property’s timeless charm and spaciousness left a lasting impression on Louise, evoking the elegance of a bygone era. She emphasizes the lodge’s remarkable comfort and historic allure, now able to take on its role as a retreat for modern-day adventurers.